Friday, February 5, 2016

Shall We Dance?

Magazines can lure me to buy them if they come with a freebie paperback - I have discovered some good authors that way so I see it as an excellent chance to read new authors. This book has been in my to-read pile for 4+ years and I finally got around to read it.

Love Music, Loves to Dance by Mary Higgins Clark

Let's turn back time 20+ years, back to the time before smart phones were found everywhere and internet dating still have not been invented. As research to a TV documentary, Erin's friend is looking into what makes people create a personal add, what makes others reply to the adds etc. and she has agreed to meet with a few to get as much back ground details/experience as possible.

At the same time a serial killer is a foot, leaving his victims with one shoe only and the other replaced by a dancing shoe. Those unfortunates ones listens to dance music just before they meet their fate. How can you be sure, that the person that reflects your add, or perhaps an add you have shown interest does not turn out to be a psychopath? Or can the meeting somehow blur that you might be sitting in front of "your soulmate" as you might both be nervous and say all the wrong things?

We are seeing the side both from the serial killer and from Erin just building up the story so you just have to finish the book to see how it ends - at some point having me sitting on the edge of a comfy chair as could not put the book down. It is moments like that where I know that the book is doing it's job - keeping me entertained and lost to the real world.

One thing though: the song Shall We Dance? will never be the same again.

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