Monday, April 16, 2012

Katie Fforde's Recipe

Have read all Katie Fforde's previous books, so had pre-ordered this as soon as I saw that it was being published. Love those crafty worlds that all the heroines of this books are in trying to find their place of happiness.

Katie Fforde is following the beat: the trend of the vast number of reality shows with cooking and/or baking competitions (MasterChef, The Next Great Baker, CupCake Wars etc): the heroine of this book, Zoe Harper, has won a place in a cooking competition - winning this competition could get her closer to fullfilling her dream of opening a delicatessen.

I was in an almost all girls class for 3 years (24 girls and 4 boys), so I laughed when I read the description of another of the cooking competition participants, Cher. I have met persons like Cher - the persons that really puts your temper to the limit and demands a numerous count-to-tens in the hope not to explode with rage. That made me connect much more with Zoe while reading the book and it felt like sweeping into her world, as Katie Fforde is very good of describing the scenery.

Maybe my fondness of Katie Fforde books reflects my wish to someday do something creative for a living - but currently that is only a distant dream, as I have no clue how to pursue it and make it happen. In the meantime I will "just" continue reading Katie Fforde's books.


Petra said...

Anne, I think I feel exactly the same way as you do. Wanting to make being creative a creer and having no clue how to do so. You certainly have intrigued me with your love for Katie Fforde's books and I might just buy myself this copy to read too*

Rosemary said...

Hello, my friend,it has been so long since I've stopped by and visited my friend's blogs and so I'llhave to start here and work backward on what you've been up to.

A creative living sounds marvelous, but where to start?