Friday, April 13, 2012

Owl Family

Easter was very wet and cold, so I curled up on my couch in a blanket, with some books and lots of tea. Easter was followed by 4 working days, that were all work-eat-sleep, so I made a project of something I found on the internet.

First one had to be blue - I did not have the blues during Easter due to the bad weater, because I was in the company of great books - but simply because I love blue.

Quickly more matte paper made appointments with the printer so more owl members could emerge.

Printer was obsessed and spat out even more members in a hurry to meet the world.

13 family members celebrating that number 14 was adopted by a little boy as soon as he was made..... yep reconnecting with the inner child again and it feels wonderful. Just seeing that little boy's big eyes when he could chose one and take it home - priceless!!!

Make sure you chose paper that is a little heavier than normal copy paper, and all it takes is a color printer, scissor and some glue to make some of these. Visit 3eyedbear, where you can download any of these for free and you are on your way to bring forth smiles :o)


Karen said...

My inner child thinks these are adorable!

Anne-Marie said...

So very sweet! Just adopted a few....aawwww! Thanks, sweetie. x

Judy at Peace Be With You said...

They're beautiful!

Vicky said...

I made one of these ages ago. He sits on my desk and is a real character! Keeps me smiling even when my cutter cuts the paper wrongly!!!

Rosemary said...

My gosh, these are wonderful - what an adorable flock! (I love blue too, such a soothing color) they came out marvelous!

scrapnhawaii said...

These are adorable, Anne!! Great job!!!