Sunday, May 26, 2013

April Tea Swap - Part 1

Second post today - which I actually had intended to do a few weeks back, but work and a new personal challenge is stealing time - the challenge will be relevealed when I have more info regarding (hopefully) my part of it.
April month's tea swap partner was Byron from Hawaii. Being the only male participant in the swap he expressed somewhat worries about being part of it - and without reason as I think he did a good job.

This cards reminds me of a peak into somebody's garden - sometimes one passes by gardens regualy on one's way and thereby letting you follow the garden flower season - at other occations you get to walk new paths, where one encounters new gardens and thereby getting new inspiration.
The optional theme was: spring - The optional color theme was: pastel colors.

The little hedgehog invited me to tea: Hawaiian mango and passion fruit black teas. 

The swap arrived on Mother Ocean Day - May 11th - perfect timing of the arrival as the swap included this paper weight. I was a bit stunned when I saw the paperweight - I have actually been on the outlook for one for years - have looked at a lot of them but had not encountered one I liked - and now I was holding the perfect one in my hand.
Why is it perfect? Well my job is in the maritme world, and I have the habit of bringing home shells if I have been on vacation near a beach. The paper weight is see-through (would not get all the details if photographed on a bright background) but it brings out daydreaming of walks at a beach.
Thanks for being my swap partner Byron.