Sunday, May 26, 2013

Let the Devil Sleep

What is the most trust worthy:
  • The documentary filmed when it happens?
  • The documentary done after it happens?
And can we really rely on a documentary, or is the documentary bias? Is the documentary going the reality show style?
In my world there are two types of documentaries: 1) The one that depicts the facts based on certain facts and sources, and 2) the one that wants to move all the way into out living room going the rality show style.
I enjoy no. 1 and actually have several recorded on the HD box that I want to see - plus a couple of years back, the company I work with had to go through a sitiation which management decided to have documented in order for the outside world to see how a sitation liked that is handled. The facts were treated with a lot of respect.
No. 2 I utterly dislike.
So what has this got to do with John Verdon's 3rd book about Dave Gurney?
Dave decides to meet with the daughter, Kim, of a friend that is about to do a documentary about some unsolved murders done by the serial killer The Good Shepard 10 years ago. He acts like a consultant but gets curious as there are too many things that does not quite add up: Why did the killings suddenly stop?
Somebody do show an interest for the murdrs to stay unsolved, so suddenly strange things happen in Kim's appartment and Dave finds a razor sharp arrow in his yard. Seems like some law-enforcement officers regard Dave as an old biddy with her wellmeant insigts on some facts (Miss Marple came to mind when reading and created a smile on my face) which should not be overlooked.
Dave is recovering from the events in "Shut Your Eyes Tight" and tries in the beginning not to become too involved - but he is strugling with a killer that simply has to be exposed and caught.
Another good read about Dave Gurney. Got one of those association experiences while reading the book. The simple words "Good morning Dave" just triggered something from the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey " - just heard the voice of HAL in my head - made me laugh that my mind had made that particular comparison.

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Anne-Marie said...

Oooo....I told you I hadn't read any of this author, but you just reminded me I did! Another one to add to my shopping list, ha!