Monday, May 20, 2013

Last Wool and Testament

T.G.I.F. - Thank God It's Friday... Well this time it's Thank God It's Fiber

When the rain is coming down creating that special sound on the windows, one knows that it is the perfect opportunity to read a book. This time the first in a haunted yarn shop mystery series, Last Wool and Testament by Molly MacRae (second one one comes out in July and is already pre-ordered).
Kath returns to Blue Plum, Tennessee when her aunt Ivy have died. When Kath arrives, it like her pressence scratches the surface of bad things and everthing is not quite as it seems. She has inherited the aunt's fiber and fabric shop, the Weaver's cat, and.... well something quite unexpected.
She discovers, that her aunt was the prime suspect in a murder, and she now sets out to solve the mystery with a new helper, a stubborn ghost called, Geneva.
I like the plot and the paranormal touch, but feel like I am missing something. Think the something is, that I do not get the same "closeness" with fibers/yarn as with othe other knitting mysteries, that I have read - where you could almost feel the yarn in your hands, be amazed by wonderful colors and hear the noise of clicking needles working the yarn. It is not until 3/4 into the book that you feel this close encounter, which should have happened a little sooner. Looking forward to read her second book in this series and see if this was just a slow introduction to the shop's universe.

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Anne-Marie said...

Sounds like I'd like this. Do you think you might like quilting stories? I really enjoy the Elm Creek series.