Monday, May 27, 2013

April Tea Swap - Part 2

I have often been asked, why I do not incorporate my photos more when creating cards. Well most of the times I worry, that the photos would steal too much of the focus on the card.
A big part of spring to me are blooming cherry trees - both the traditional ones, and the ones from Asia. As there are a lot of botanical exhibits with flowers, paintings etc. on several local museums it made me think of our Flora Danica, so I created this card for Byron.

The digi stamp is from A Day For Daisies and made me think of the drawings that would be in Flora Danica - in our day of age, the flowers would be depicted by photos showing the various sorts of cherry trees, their flowers etc. The stamped branch is what it would look like here, and the flower rich branches on the photos on of the kinds from Asia (the photo is from Nanjing, China).
Hope Byron liked this creation and the tea/goodies sent his way.

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Kim @ Stuff could... said...

You are talented with making cards...I am sure he enjoyed the card. Cherry blossoms are so pretty