Thursday, October 17, 2013


This is not the usual choice for me when going to the cinema to see a movie - I had not even watched the trailer when I Went to the cinema for a pre-view of the movie. With a cast counting Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Maria Bello I was looking tforward to a surprise-me experience as I had absolutely no expectations to the movie. I only knew the above names of some of the cast and had read a 3-lined synopsis about the movie.
So was it worth the the 2½ hours?
Yes. Suspense, drama, surprise elements (twists), thriller.... the list of keywords could continue, but the majority of comments I overheard after the screening were all positive... and the Hugh Jackman's beard help him giving his character a stonger part in this movie, where you forget about him being eye-candy but gives him the extra punch to play his character to the fullest. Seriously without the beard, I do not think I could have taken his role as serious  as I did.
I found myself trying to play detective while watching the movie: What really happened? Who done it? But just when I thought I had guessed it - WHAM!! the story made a twist, and then another one... and I forgot about the detective urge and just let the movie surprise me... love when movies have that surprising element over it - not all directors can handle it, but this movie works.
The trailer pretty much gives you an idea what the movie is about, but I wont reveal more than that other that it is worth watching ;o)

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