Friday, October 18, 2013

There Is Pumpkin In My Risotto

Sometimes a little push is needed when you want to break out of your comfort zone - I have wanted to cook with pumpkins for a long time but Sandra Juto's blogpost persuaded me to take that jump. The risotto is actually the 4th dish I have made now using pumpkins and the recipe comes from here. Risotto have always been one of my favourite dishes and I am happy that I used longer time than usual on a meal, as this is by far the best risotto that I have ever tasted.

The dish deserves a place next to my candle pumpkin Jack (made of clay) as a reminder of what happened when I bought an orange pumpkin at a local supermarket. A little boy came up to me and asked "Are you also going to make a Pumpkin Man?" with me replying "No I am going to eat it". Two seconds later the boy ran screaming to his mum "She's gonna eat the Pumpkin Man!!" with disbelief all over his face and tears running down the cheeks.

The mum got busy telling the boy, that one is actually playing with food when carving a pumpkin Man - See what I told him, was in his world just as bad finding out that Santa Clause does not exist (wait he does not??!! LOL ;o) ) as we have in the past been primary a potato nation and Halloween is something imported from the US.
Whenever I make that dish in the future, I think that the incident with the little boy will jump into my head and make me smile.


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Karen said...

You should try pumpkin soup, it's yummy!