Monday, October 21, 2013

Starting Now

What if your new life is starting now? If you just lost your job while you thought you were on the upward career track? That you realised that you have sacrificed everything because you thought you were doing the right thing?
Libby Morgan is suddenly in that situation, and one of the things she reconnects with, when it happens, is knitting. Especially knitting hats to pre-mature born babies (premies). That leads to a friendship with the yarn store owner Lydia Goetz, and meeting the teenager, Ava, who needs help in a lot of ways. The knitting of bulks of baby hats, leads her to volunteering at the local hospital rocking and singing to the babies and even to a romance with Dr. Stone.
But what happens if old parts of your life wants you back?
Love the idea of Libby knitting hats for premies, as I did that myself a few years back. When I had my first MS attack after being diagnose, I remember having what-if-I-loose-my-job thoughts - came to the conclusion that crafting could reduce some of the situation's stress and perhaps spur more ideas when jobhunting or figuring out the future. It is as if the crafting is like an anchor that keeps you close to reality when everything else might seem surreal.
If you need a feel-good moment and like to creat novels with craft people, then I suggest you pick up Debbie Macomber's "Starting Now".

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Kim @ Stuff could... said...

That is so nice to knit hats for the tiny babies