Sunday, October 20, 2013

Scream and Spooky

Second post today - well Saturday was not only about sailing this week but also making cards :o) Usually I am soo exhaused from sailing and goes directly home to nap, but not so much this week - guess that body is adjusting more to the work on the boat.
Beccy's Place October Challenge - an anything goes challenge with the requirement of using a digital image from Beccy's Place.
Well I used two instead of one, as I think they are meant to be together - and everything around here is dressed up for Halloween despite it not being a Danish tradition, but an imported one. We are not a pumkin country by tradition, though a couple of pumpkin farms have made a nice living since Tivoli Garden needs at least 40.000+ pumpkins every year for the Halloween theme during fall + the pumkins needed for making a smiling Jack.
Made two identical cards which are now enroute overseas to receivers that have grown up with the tradition - digis are colored with COPICs, the purple paper is actually cut out from a paper table runner so a soft touch and the pumpkin design paper is "Plenty of Pumpkins" from Panduro Hobby.


Birdie said...

Well done for not having Halloween as a tradition there!
Can't go wrong with pumpkin anything :)

Beccy said...

Halloween is not a tradition where I live either Andaje but it is becoming more popular.
You have done a wonderful job making your card... great choice of colour. I really love the background paper you used.
Well done!