Saturday, January 4, 2014

Is There Anything Better Than Opening a New Book?

.... and that goes even though some of the contents are familiar, but ordered via Amazon immediately when I found out that it was released.

Written by Judith from the blog Peace Be With You that I started following soon after I began blogging . She has taken down the haiku poems that she has written on the blog, so I was thrilled to find out, that she included Looking for Answers and Ragdoll - both of them caught my eye immediately when I first read them. It can be hard to pick favourites as a lot of poems speaks for me, when I have a hard time putting words on what is sometimes on one's mind when living with MS.
When your life changes all of a sudden - like getting the diagnosis MS or other ilness that will stay with you for the rest of your life, you can not avoid that your head sometimes spins with various random thoughts. But it can be so hard to put words on the thoughts if others want to know what is going on, want to be there for you or help you though whatever you are going through.
This book does just that - put words on it. One day one poem might relate to you - the next day another. So have not read the book from cover to cover as want to enjoy the poems bit by bit and often returning to some poems if they speak for me on a particular day.
How do you say thank you to somebody who writes like this - well I send Judith one of my Christmas cards every year with holiday wishes and a thank you.
Once again: Judith - Thank you for sharing your poems with us!!!

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Judith Mercado said...

Anne, I offer my profound thanks for your kind words regarding my poems. Thank you also for posting about my book. It is readers like you that have kept me motivated over the years and who led me to offer my poems in book form. May you find peace in your journey.