Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Precious Santa

Ever brosed through a magazine and thought "I WANT ONE LIKE THAT!" when you flipped to a page with new products, in an article or similar?? Well I've done that lots of times, saved the clippings with the wish "maybe some day" and pinned it on my noteboard.

This past November, it was this clipping that caught my attention:

Kay Bojesen had in the 1940s made a wooden Santa in his shop/factory in Copenhagen (that shop does not exist anymore, but it was a short walk from my house) and a lot of lucky children that visited his shop back then could be lucky and walk home with a wooden Santa. In 2013 they relaunched/reproduced the Santa to many's surprise as only a few remember the original one.

Before Christmas, I knew that I was not going home to my family to celebrate the holiday so I received money to buy a present, that I wanted - of my own choice. Almost enough for the Santa so decided it was my present to me from me too, so chipped in with the remaining amount myself. I can not remember last time I have felt giddy about buying something, like I was a small kid again getting the best thing on the wishlist - but that is how I felt :o) ... and really is that not, what Christmas is all about? 
Well that is the last of Christmas 2013 from me - will return later this year when Christmas 2014 is closer with more Christmas stuff - but until then returning to other topics :o)


Birdie said...

How sweet to recapture a small piece of your childhood.

Karen said...

Feeling like a kid at Christmas is fabulous! I am happy that you got your Santa. Cheers.

Rosemary said...

I love that you got this, it is adorable, and that is has such warm and happy memories for you. This is something you will enjoy each and every Christmas. Wonderful!

Karen said...

I know its late to post but what a lovely story and I am so happy you have this little fellow for christmases to come. That candle is pretty cool too