Monday, January 27, 2014

Something Usefull and Returning to a Challenge

The past year had it's up and downs, and looking at the first 27 days of 2014 it has been a bit of a bumper ride already draining me from energy. Need to turn the clock back to mid December, where I saw a collection add from the Danish chapter of Red Cross that led to a decision, that I pursued some weeks ago.

Back in December I supported the Give-A-Heart (Giv et hjerte) campaign, with a text message (SMS) donating 50 DKK (little less than 10$) collected for a Christmas box to Danish families in need for help to afford just a little extra for Christmas. It was also supported by the pattern of a ...... weaved heart... with the Red Cross logo.

Already back then I saw the opportunity to pursue my own personal challenge of weaving 366 hearts - my goal of doing it in 366 days is much overdo, but I need to do it for me. So here you have it, the first heart of almost 50 more to come, and a few more also await publishing on my weaved heart blog that will get back into action again.

2013 was much about the Sailing Sclerosis project, but I also need to focus on other things in case I do not get a spot on the boat. The Red Cross heart has also lead to another thing: A couple of weeks ago I was at a introducion meeting for future/possible volunteers. If I get accepted to the support group, that I want to join it actually involves some crafty thing, that I am sort of already doing.... and I have previous supported various caused doing a little crafty work, so why not go further. If I get accepted I will reveal later how I am supporting the Red Cross.


Judy at Peace Be With You said...

I wish you well in your year-long endeavor. Who knows what you will find at the end of it? I mean, in terms of experiences, wisdom, etc.

Birdie said...

It's so good to see you posting again; I always look forward to your take on things. Wishing you the best in your endeavors.

Karen said...

You sure are an amazing person Anne xoxo