Friday, March 28, 2014

Last Chance: Knit and Stitch

Molly Canaday has a dream of opening her own body shop (she is very good at fixing cars) when her mother suddenly put a stop to those dreams - she wants to realize herself so she abandon Molly and the family and leaves the Knit and Stitch shop in Molly's hands.

At the same time, Simon Wolfe returns to Last Chance to attend his father's funeral, attend to the estate and bring his estranged mother (she needs a lot of care as she has dementia) back with him to California. His father's estate however is somewhat hit but financial problems which leads to a closure of the Ford dealer ship costing Molly her job and a place to fix up a 1966 Shelby Mustang.

Despite hoping to settle matters in Last Chance quickly, Simon realizes that he has to rent some space in the city to work on some commissioned paintings, he rents the abandoned Coca Cola building - the same building that Molly has secretly dreamed of getting some day - and let Molly have some space to work on the Mustang.

But how will Molly handle the Knit & Stitch shop? And will Simon fall in love with Molly despite she is coach's daughter?

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