Sunday, March 30, 2014

Getting Around.....Sort of

Ok - I knew that IAAF would hold their half marathon World Championships in Copenhagen yesterday with 30.000+ participants, and above map had been published in a lot of places in advance so us locals knew how to come about (or not) in the city.

My area was surrounded by the route, so had mad an alternative plan including the use of the metro when going home during the race.... but the police closed the station where I had to change to the metro including a nearby temporary walking bridge due to too many people - hence me having to wait 1½ hour to get to my building even though I could see it at the route - I was just on the wrong side of the route. Good thing that sun was out all day long.

Along the Nyboder area - the runners had a scenic route in our city.

After 1½ hour and a little walk I was finally on the "right side" of the route.

Runner no. 5395 is photographer Jacob Holt who wrote American Pictures - one of the local runners who participates in a lot of runs if not out doing his lectures or on a photo assignment.

A kind of wish-it-was-me thing to watch, but sadly despite several attempts, the MS will not allow me to run longer than 5km anymore on good days, and yet happy for all the smiling runners that they could be part of that race.

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Birdie said...

That's a lot of people! Not fond of crowds myself.