Thursday, March 27, 2014

Saving Mr. Banks

In the 1960's Walt Disney finally got P.L. Travers to travel to Hollywood as it had been a dream for him to make a movie based on her book Mary Poppins since it was his girl's favorite book and it intrigued him. It was clear that P.L. Travers had to be included in the creative progress of creating the movie's manuscript.

Mary Poppins is personal for her and the Americans are set for some huge challenges as she is very set in her ways and is not fond of the American way of life at all: too many sweets and a dismay towards the beloved Disney characters. Disney however is persistent and try to give in to her quirks as she is not fond of musical, dancing and cartoons at all.

Mary Poppins did become a blockbuster movie - a classic - and you get a insight in how that movie became an reality despite the differences between P.L. Travers and Walt Disney.

It is a movie that makes you laugh and also a little sad when learning the real story that led to the book about Mary Poppins. Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks - great cast for P.L Travers and Walt Disney as they are their roles.

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claire7q said...

I thought this looked good from the trailer, should I go see it? Even if I don't like the movie at least there will be Ben and Jerrys, right?