Wednesday, March 26, 2014


A couple of weekends ago, a amateur art group/class called Matisserne held their annual exhibit to show off their work. A friend of mine is part of that group so I always try to go there as there is usually some good pieces in their exhibit - her drawings are delicate, but the reflections from the glass frames on her work had too many reflections when trying to take decent photos that I have given up sharing them with you :o)

These caught my eye:

Good thing I had remembered my phone when I for some reasons had forgotten to bring my camera.

Close-ups needed

Just look at those details on this one - it makes it so real to look at, almost photo like.... GOSH!!

I got a chance to speak to the artist, Kirsten Søeballe, as I was especially intrigued by the second wolf - she revealed that she got the idea from the internet and that she has shared a how-to (in Danish - but just use goggle translate) on her blog Kissers Galleri. We also talked about ideas from the internet in general, crafty tools/material, ideas and internet stores which made me wish they I would have had time to be creative when I got home from the exhibit. Sadly I did not - but I had some cool photos to look at instead and be wow'ed again.

A few days later I received the latest edition of WWF's (World Wildlife Foundation) magazine and could help thinking about the wolf paintings when I saw this article/photo:


Birdie said...

Both the 2nd and 3rd are gorgeous.

Kirsten Søeballe said...

Tak for de søde ord Andaje. Du må da i gang med af male den der tiger. Den teknik jeg brugte til ulvene er oplagt til tigeren også så bare i gang med dig ;-)