Saturday, April 19, 2014

Beautiful Beer

Now some of you might say: "How can beer be beautiful?" Honestly, have you not once in a while been tempted to buy a product due to the nice appearance of the product and or wrapping of same?

I was shopping for a couple of beers - drink beer once in a while when hanging out with friends (I actually prefer beer over red wine) - when this springlike appearance caught my attention. Always like to taste new beer, so these from the micro brewery Fuglsang (English: Birdsong - really :o) ) just had to go into my shopping basket and later pose for the camera.



Anonymous said...

How did it taste?

Karen said...

Yes I could see how one would be drawn to those cans I will often buy a bottle of wine by the label and what its called. By the way loved your yarn bombing photos too.