Saturday, April 12, 2014

March 2014 Tea Swap - Part 1

Taking a chance here, as Brenda has not yet acknowledged receipt of the March Tea Swap - but do not think she read blogs much (well she has not gotten her own) and is afraid of forgetting to share this creation, as have soo many things on my mind right now - creative, work and life in general - most of them goods but just amazing how everything seem to happen at the same time.

Fran challenged us this month with green geometric so eyed an opportunity to let the design papers' pattern (from Panduro Hobby, Søstrene Greene and plain old gift wrapping paper) play a role and decorated with a teapot (die from Joy! Crafts)

Jardin Bleau flaored black tea and African rooibosh tea went into this tea bag holder (well have used the holder idea for many purposes now) - not "heavy" teas as the temperatures has become somewhat better lately and the daylight has increased a lot hence my current choice of tea changing to the lighter versions.

Hope Brenda enjoys the tea and the creations it came with :o)

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