Saturday, November 15, 2014

Knitting Cinema

Who thinks up an idea like Knitting Cinema?

Rock'n'Roll Hausfrau had an idea a while back - why not have a viewing at the local cinema, where the moviegoers brings their knitting or crochet-in-progress and do their craft while watching the movie - light not dimmed as much as usual as you need to be able to see the yarn in your hands and a little more talk amongst the audience as people are admiring each others' work or maybe commenting the movie a little bit.

Today was the second event and they have already scheduled another one next month showing a Danish movie. A friend and I participated for the first time and we both agree, it is not the last time. Yes people were chatting a little bit, but not that much and it did not bother us - maybe because we knew in advance that it was part of the package and people were just relaxed and enjoyed themselves while working with yarn. Me I am working on a scarf that I hope to show in a month or so..... work in progress :o)

Let us not forget the movie - Gone Girl........ I do not think I would have seen it if it was not the one that was showed today - but I am glad I did. 

Nick Dunne gets a phone call from the next door neighbor on his and his wife's fifth anniversary - their front door seems to be open and their cat is outside. He returns to his home only to find evidence of some kind of struggle and his wife has gone missing. Soon the little evidence that surface points towards Nick as being guilty of the crime behind his wife's disappearance, but is he innocent as he claims.

It is one of those movies that shows flashbacks to give you clues about the crime, where you simply do not trust what you are seeing as it continuously takes a turn/twist that you did not expect - even the ending leaves you with a "What?!" and the audience looking at each other in disbelief and then smiling as you try to figure out in your head what will happen after the end titles starts. "What... How....Why..." keeps tumbling in your head.

Really good entertainment and a good start on a weekend.

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Nancy Mahlendorf said...

Knitting and a movie, hey that sounds cool.