Sunday, November 30, 2014

Now You See It - Now You Don't

Some street art vanishes almost as fast as it is put up in public display - you shoul act fast if you want photos of it because I might not be there when you return in daylight or with a better camera than your phone's camera.

The other night I went to a mail box to send of an old fashioned letter to a good friend (that is our way of communication - old fashioned snail mail) and my eye caught something colorful.

Three persons made of colorful HAMA beads. When I took the photos, somebody had already made an attempt to steal them and the morning after they were all thorn as they have proven harder to remove that people had thought. Albeith the pegging board you use to place the pearls in patterns is a Swedisk invention, the HAMA beads is a Danish invention, so I remember these from my childhood, where we made them in a very young age and used them as presents to family members - somewhere in my Christmas ornament stash I even have some that my nieces made me 10-15 years ago.

This is from August 2014 from a pillar just outside the music venue Culture Box here in Copenhagen - it is actually the club's logo, and it was on the pillar for a least a month. The reason it was up there for so long - I think - was probably that people believed that the club had placed it there themselves - but knowing the building owner any other street art attempt, tagging etc. has always been removed very fast, and it was by pure coincidence I spotted it as it was not too obvious in it's spot.

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