Saturday, November 29, 2014

Old Building

On the road of getting a more normal day again with my MS it includes several appointments in one of the city's old houses - I have to hurry into the waiting room otherwise I would simply loose track of time, but I spend at least 5 minutes in the hallway when leaving the building - snapped a few photos with my phone so I could share with you:

I am totally in love with this window, and I might just one day walk up one floor to see what more gems this building has to offer - and also considering to bring my SONY camera with me to get some photos in a better quality.

Those doors - love how they lure you into the next room, as they offer you a peek of what details that awaits your eyes. Must have had a smile on my face the first time I entered those doors - in an odd way I felt at home though I have never lived in a house with such details.

Mosaic tiled floors with a lot of details - love them - they always make me think of Portuguese house, that have tiles outside on their building walls in a myriad of patterns. The blogger Sandra Juto often takes photos inside old Berlin buildings with similar style details - love them photos and glad that others appreciate the details in old buildings - visit her blog if you want to see more building details or photos of Berlin.


Birdie said...

Gorgeous! I love old buildings with such treasures.

Karen Oliver said...

What a beautiful building. That window is so lovely you so have to go up to the next floor cause now I want to know whats up there!!