Saturday, June 20, 2015


Thursday was election day for the Danish Parliament. Since the election was announced it had ben nothing but election-election-election "interrupted" by the coverage of the marriage of a Swedish prince and a former reality TV star. The tone of the election coverage was nasty, it became more attacks of candidates personalities and latests TV appearance than discussing the politics they represent.

Denmark became an instant posterland as soon as they announced the election with posters from 10 political parties and their many candidates - some posters tried not to be the usual profile picture poster.

Alternativet (the Alternative) - left side party - had green posters, as they are very keen on the environment (both nature and people) - but in my eyes a little off, as I think the green color makes the person look a little bit sick.

Then there's Søren Pind from Venstre (The Left) - some outsiders might get confused when the read the party's name as it is actually a right side party - who is always trying to stand out, so he looked like a head of state arriving to a new country or city greeting people with a wave. The drawn ink heart and name Conchita on Samira's poster is a reference to the European Song Contest winner of 2014....

I spent 4 hours as the local voting place counting votes - there were 9000+ of them - which was a lot of fun but you also had numbers and voting lists on your brain afterwards. Usually the counters is a selection of members of the various political parties, but there are no longer enough of them willing to volunteer time to help at a election. Red Cross had therefore urged the volunteers to give some hours to democracy and assist at the election - I signed up after seeing that request from the Red Cross.

Right wing won and now there is an ongoing negotiation on how the minister posts are going to be distributed.

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Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Yall election sounds like our in US, way too much coverage and quite nasty! Yes the green does actually look sick.