Sunday, June 28, 2015

Scary Camera

OK.... a camera can not be scary, but the new functions in a smart phone can - makes me think of 1984 by Ray Bradbury ".....Big Brother is watching......." - what might had been science fiction when he wrote it...... well with all the electronic gadgets we are equipped with these days.

I was walking to a meeting the other day, where I just wanted to capture a few details on the way with my smartphone's camera:

It was when I browsed through the photos when I got home that I got really surprised.

The bridge is Marmorbroen (Marble Bridge) in Copenhagen and it crosses Frederiksholms Kanal.

I shot all 3 photos standing in the same spot and just slightly moving the camera - the caption on the two first photos says Marble Bridge on my smartphone, but when the camera was pointing a little bit more downwards but still the edges of Marble Bridge visible, the phone changed the caption of photo number 3 to Frederiksholms Kanal instead of Marble Bridge.

Really surprised about the accuracy of the captions to where I photo was taken, or what the motif is.

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