Sunday, March 6, 2011

If I Was To Use One Word....

....about the exhibition I went to today, it would be "dissapointed".

Since I was in Copenhagen today, a friend of mine emailed a scanned page from a popular women's magazine having high praise for the temporary exhibit Heart-Heart at Danish Museum of Art and Design, and we arranged to see this exhibit together.

The artists name is Anne Marie Egemose, and I actually think that the pieces displayed were really inspiring. Problem is, that there are only a few (as in very few) on display in a tiny-tiny room, that acts as the passage way from the main entrance to the café.

The rest of the museum is interesting, but the eye-catcher was the temporary exhibit, that was viewed in less 10 minutes. Could not really enjoy the rest of the museum as I had set my mind up to see this apprently great exhibition that turned out to be so little.... Was that really it?

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Scientific Housewife said...

Sorry to hear that, it stinks when you get excited for something and it turns out to disappoint.