Friday, October 28, 2011

Meet Sheila the Paper Toy

Is she not adorable?

She comes from this set of paper toys created by Djeco - and as soon as I eyed this set, I had some ideas for birthday surprises for some friends that are very fond of these animals.They would have a great smile on their face receiving a paper toy like this, since I believe they would be reminded of some part of their child hood.

Also purchased a set of owl paper toys from Mibo, that just might get a permanent residence at my place :o) Feels great to connect with that inner child again.


Petra said...

How cute Anne! I recently saw some free printables that I saved a while ago in one of my pc folders. They're christmas elves that can be printed out and folded to look 3d :) imagine how cute they'll look too?

Karen said...

These are pretty cute. Nothing like a touch of whimsy to bring out the inner child.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

So Cute!

claire7q said...

She is adorable, it's a shame she's paper, would make a great toy for a small person (or indeed, me) :D