Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Knitting Project: Mailing Batch No. 1

A while ago, I started my Knitting Project (see old post here): to knit baby hats for SaveTheChildren and help reduce the infant mortality rate in Africa.

Today I mailed the first batch of 15 hats - and still have until the end of the month to knit more hats. Have almost used all the left-over yearn, that I had and will soon start using the yarn I was donated at the baby shower (see old post).

I am actually having a vacation right now (had to use the remaining days, before the new holiday year starts) - but for once I have decided ot to go travelling but instead to be creative, to go for long walks every day, to read books.... In other words just relax and actually save a lot of money. So plenty of time for knitting more hats and also to see if I can make a drawing to put on a blog-post for a topic, that has been lurking in my head since Tuesday....

Not the best picture I ever took - but I wanted to mail the parcel with the knitted hats before the local post office closed for to day.....

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Peace Be With You said...

Thank you for your generous gesture.