Monday, September 15, 2014

Dr. Sleep

REDRUM - Do you know where that is from?

Here are some hints: It is both a book and a movie. One of the movie's stars is Jack Nicholson. One of the classic scenes is when the boy, Danny, riding his tricycle and meeting two scary twin girls. Yes, "The Shining" and REDRUM is "murder spelled backwards. Stephen King wrote the book and finally last year the sequel "Doctor Sleep" hit the book stores.

Little Danny is now a grown-up, still haunted/marked with the childhood event at the Overlook Hotel and a drunk like his dad. Coming to a small city he is joining a local AA-group to regain some control of his life, and finds a heartwarming use of the gift of the shining at the hospice where he is employed: with the aid of a prescient cat, Azzie, he spends the last moments with the person offering a peaceful departure with this world.

He connects with the teenager, Abra Stone, who through her shining ability sense the horror of The True, a group of paranormal people that feeds on shining childrens' steams. The True has zeroed in on Abra's gift which is the strongest one  encountered so far and they start a scary hunt.

The prescient cat - well that is not fictional. There must be more between Heaven and Earth, as I have read stories about both cats and dogs that has the prescient gift and seeks out people that are about to leave our world in both hospices and nursery homes. Their mere presence seems to calm down the dying so they meet their fate in a relaxed way - maybe because the animals does not talk or ask questions, they are just present in the moment.....

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Birdie said...

I'm reading this book now. Will have to read your post later - thought I recognized the book jacket so had to say "Hi!"