Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Tea Swap 2014 - Part 1

Don't you just love it when you receive old fashion mail, and the letter takes you down memory lane as the contents just make you smile?

In the September swap I was partnered up with Josie, who send me this card in fall colors. Wow bulrush - I haven't seen those since I lived in the country side, where we had water holes on our grounds and lots of bulrush was growing at the edge of the water holes. In the fall they sometimes exploded of exposed to too strong a sun. I remember that as one of the coolest things that nature could do to a plant. Bulrush and sunflowers mixed together in a vase - part of the fall traditions in my parents house.


The tea: ginseng and red ginseng tea from Korea - the very same type/brand of tea that I brought home with me when I visited in South Korea 4½ years ago - what is the chance of that happening? Already had the red ginseng while browsing some of the photos that I took in Seoul during my trip out there.

Thanks Josie.

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