Monday, September 22, 2014

Yarn Over Murder

Downside when having an MS attack is that you worry that this might be one where you can not regain the usual power in the right foot/leg - but I chose to see some positive things while waiting for the effect of the attack medicine to kick in like reading. It is frustrating not being able to go on my usual photo walks but luckily the pile of books that I bought has kept my mind busy with plots and murders, that needs to be solved.

Maggie Sefton's book from last year, Close Knit Killer, left us with the cliffhanger reminding one of the season finale of a good tv show where you put at a loss, since you have to wait for the new series - in this case book. Actually, I finished reading the book a month ago, but one book took the other and never got around to blog about it - until now.

During the annual Wool Market news breaks that there is a wild fire very close to Fort Connor. Jayleen's animals and farm is in danger, so the Lampspun gang and friends gather and do everything they can to help. While they are fighting against time and fire, they witness a nasty argument between Connie and Andrea where Connie blames Andrea of stealing her husband. Andrea is found dead and suddenly they must muster all their little grey cells to find clues that proves that Connie did not do it.

Maggie Sefton was inspired by the 2012  High Park Wildfire, and it shows that the fear and worries are "close to home", making it a book you do not want to put down for two reasons: you want to find out who the murderer is and if the wildfire will stop it's havoc soon.

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