Saturday, September 27, 2014

Farm Fresh

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While eating my breakfast this morning, I started thinking about the eggs I was eating. Not brought home from a store, but eggs bought at a farm close to where one of my colleagues lives. Eggs from chickens who live the old style country way - they simply taste that much better!!

From age 7 to 18, I lived in the country side and we had a huge garden with every type of berries and vegetables that can grow in our climate, the land was a former apple plantation - where the apple trees were still producing loads of various types of apples - adding to that trees with nuts, plums, cherries, pears etc. I never get tired of apples and vegetables are so much better homegrown or farm fresh compared to the produce grown in masses to go to supermarkets. We had everything canned, made into fruit syrup, frozen down or put into storage. I miss that place since my parents are no longer living there as they moved to a smaller house when my dad retired from work.

Eggs were purchased at the next door neighbor, and meat (from cows, pigs or chickens) was purchased once a year making our kitchen look like a semi-slaughter house while my mum and dad prepared the right cuts etc of the meat and then freezing it down. Not only did we save a lot of money, but got food with a much fresher/richer taste. Need I say, that we actually traded apples for the yearly Christmas tree with one of the next door neighbors?

One of my colleagues passes farms along her route to work and after-work activities and are keeping me and some other colleagues informed about current produce available - so this week I have fresh apples, corn an eggs. If I had a car, I think I would take a scenic drive during the weekends and make sure to locate farms that sell produce at the road or at their barn. I like to support local produce.

You might wonder: Why doesn't she just go to a farmers market? Well there is not any close to where I live - if there was I would go to them as often as I could.

In the meantime I will fetch an apple and enjoy the richness of flavour.

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