Thursday, July 16, 2015

Anne Canadeo

Another author from my watch list - she had already published 3 books in the Black Sheep Knitting Mystery Series, when I discovered her and the 4th was about to arrive in the book shops. The Postman Always Purls Twice came out earlier this year and is the 7th book in the series.

The title is inspired by a well known movie with Jack Nicholson in the lead - he is not starring in this book but the picturesque village of Plum Harbor is taking part of a movie set for a new Hollywood movie and Maggie Messina's Black Sheep Knitting Shop plays a big part in the movie.

The Hollywood glamour turns out to have a scary dark side, where a stalker is after one of the main characters while she is spending a little time with the Black Sheep Knitters to get some inspiration for her character/role in the movie. A movie set (actually in the yarn shop) where strange accidents happen and the murder......

Maggie and her friends start gathering the ends together and hope to find the villain.

The book made me think about two things:

Julia Roberts that is apparently always knitting on the movie sets when she is off the camera, and Tom Hanks that created a prank about her knitting to make her laugh.

Britta Wilfert - she used to be a clothes designer at a movie company and she later started her own yarn label and opened a shop. She closed that shop a couple of years back (I miss that shop, the atmosphere, the help, the yarn.....) and took a leap to work in the health business instead

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