Sunday, July 26, 2015

Betty Hechtman

With only 3 published books in the Yarn Retreat Mystery series, Betty Hechtman is the latest in the knit-lit mystery genre - thought she started publishing crochet mystery books before she began writing this series. When looking at the covers on her books I realized that most knit-lit books have cats in them - except in Maggie Sefton's Kelly Flynn series is a dog - and it made me smile.

Casey Feldstein is hosting her 3rd Yarn2Go retreat at Vista Del Mar conveniently very close to her home in Cadbury by the Sea. Kevin St John, manager at Vista Del Mar is still unhappy of Casey's decision of not letting him organize and run the retreats as displeased that he could not convince her to postpone her retreat as is happens to be scheduled at the same time as the My Favorite Year 1963 retreat - he landed that event/retreat when the former venue burned down and as eying the possibility to get future My Favorite Year retreats in the calendar.

Casey's ex-boyfriend gets entangled in a murder, as one of his magic props, a silk scarf, is found next to a dead body outside in the bushes. While trying to figure out who the killer is, Casey has challenges with the theme of her retreat, mystery bags, where the participants are handed a bag with random yarns and accessories to create a personal project: scarf, bag, worry doll etc.

Worry dolls from Guatemala - never heard about them until reading this book - and there's a pattern on how to make one. Well got me intrigued, so it is now on my to-do list. If you see the author's FaceBook page, she's featuring a worry doll on her photos at the moment.

The cats next to Wound Up in Murder are from Italy and a gift from a friend who's two cats I used cat-sit when she was traveling. The last of the two cats was put to sleep earlier this month due to bad health and will be greatly missed. Even though I was not the cats' owner (well cats do not have owners - they have servants ;o) ) I still developed a relationship with them and they were very cuddly and fun. I used to be a cat owner and miss having cat(s) around me, but they are not allowed in the building where I live. So reading the knit-lit books are not just because I like mystery and knitting - but also as I like the description of the cat(s) in these books.

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