Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sally Goldenbaum

I have a list of authors on my watch list so I try to stay updated about when they publish a new book - A Finely Knit Murder by Sally Goldenbaum was published a few days before my trip to New York, so it was on the top of my wishlist, when I entered a Barnes&Noble bookstore in New York. It is the 9th book in the Seaside Knitters Mysteries series.

Reading a series like this makes you feel, that you often visit Sea Harbor in New England USA and you are staying with friends - a good way to spend a nice day outside on a bench reading and drinking tea. Only one "problem" when reading those books: when you read you want to knit, and when you knit you want to finish your book.

The teenager Gabby is back with Birdie where she starts attending Sea Harbor Community Day School- an old girls school where she happily embrace that the Seaside Knitters have started knitting as part of a school program.

A board member at the school is murdered and now suspects are investigated, as she has been outspoken in a way that have offended a lot of people. The school girls parents feels somewhat unsafe about the situation, and while keeping Gabby safe the Seaside Knitters once again puts their minds together to help solve the mystery.

A finely knitted scarf in the making

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