Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sara Blaedel

Thanks to two freebies with a weekly Danish women magazine I encountered Sarah Blaedel's police detective, Louise Rick, and her crime solving cases. There are opinions pro and con when it comes to freebie books, but to me they have proven to be excellent appetizers, persuading me to buy new releases or check-outs at the library if I found the author to be good. Other authors not my taste, but at least I have given them a chance.

Book number 9 in the series was published last fall and is according to the author the last book in the series and she has already started creating material for a new book with other main characters. Me, I have all 9 books in my book case.

A lot of appearances in local magazines and awards have had Sara's name written on then as she is very popular reading. She recently launched Forgotten Girls (the 7th book in the series) in the US and gotten good appraise from a fellow crime writer Michael Connelly and from Oprah.

The 9th book "Kvinden de meldte savnet" (loosely translated - as I have not seen an English title yet for this book: The Woman They Reported Missing). A woman is murdered in England and the case catches the attention of Danish police as she turns out to be Sophie, who went missing 18 years ago.

The twist is that Sophie's boyfriend, at the time she went missing, is Eik, Louise's partner both private and workwise. What is Eik's involvement in this case as it clearly has an impact on his behavior, what has Sophie's been doing in those 18 years and why did she have a Swiss bank account? We are soon exposed to people pro and con active death-assistance. 

It is evident that the author has researched a lot for the details in the book . My mind wandered a bit to Jojo Moye's  "Me Before You" that I read earlier this year, as the topic has occurred a lot in the press, litterature and movies the past few years

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