Monday, July 13, 2015


Storytelling. I have heard about it but never been to an event with a storyteller. Not one reading aloud from a book, but one person on a stage that has memorized a story, that he/she retells allowing body language as the sole special effects.

We have books, eBooks, audiobooks, movies, TV, internet - with modern technology it is very easy to access stories, but can recommend stepping back just for a couple of hours if you get the chance to listen to a story teller.

If you look it up, story telling has existed for lots of years and is still key source of information in many cultures, that are key source of information, education but also a bond to old traditions, that they wish to preserve.

Through the local BookFriend initiative by Danish Red Cross, I heard Dorte Futtrup tell two stories (Nordic style) in April which was a pleasant encounter with something I had only heard about but never encountered. I am a book lover so it was a nice way of being entertained  without any disturbance of modern technology just like when I reading books. The invitation to the event was sent in an old fashioned letter which was a nice touch as you felt like "back to basics" and no stress. 

The majority of things I do at work depends of modern technology, and I think that is why book reading and crafting appeals to me after work hours to relax and rest - I even try to limit the usage of social media in my spare time + use of phones as does one really need to be that connected all the time?

The following photos are a bit blurred as captured with my iPhone as only camera at hand, but gives you an idea how body language helps Dorte telling her stories.

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