Saturday, September 19, 2015

Textile Book and Blog Day

I went to this even the weekend before last - and I participated in a workshop.

Wont go into details about the workshop as it was a failure in my view - turned out that the main description(theme) about this 2½ hour workshop was incorrect, and the lady hosting the workshop spent 45 minutes about her creations, her artistic name etc so none of us got a finished thing to show - some of us had barely started making a project as heads could not quite adjust to the new theme of the work shop.

There was even a small fair with sellers, but I think they were too alike and if they were just addressing a specific crowd and not being a broad event like they had said it would be on their flyer.

Normally I consider myself open minded - but it is hard to stay positive when you do not get what you initially thought you paid for. I could have made a fuss about it, as my profession is purchasing so I could have thrown rules and regulations in their face - but it was my weekend, time away from work and with the hint of my crafty interests.

They want it to be a yearly event - starting last year - but will the event survive at all? I for one can not recommend crafty friends to pay money on the entrance fee as inspiration is scarce.

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Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Don't you just hate failures like that......a waste of time