Friday, September 18, 2015

The Bookshop Book

I can get lost in good bookshops - That is I completely loose track of time. Wonder if time even exist in a book shop? You go in, browse a little, leave and get chocked when looking at the time. I can spend hours in a good book shop and only thinking it must have been 10-15 minutes max.

Although I was always a keen library user, buying books was a different order of bliss, because I would get to live with these ones.
Emma Donoghue

Was surprised to learn that the Denmark was mentioned in this book because of Thorup Eco Village. I know they have some wonderful organic farm produce, but books? They apparently have book cases scattered all over the village and the former  train station building has been converted into a book shop. I really have to find a way to get up there here in the fall, both to buy pumpkins, apples etc. but also to explore their book world.

My favorite local book store is Politikens Boghal - they just renovated the store, and they are still true to their metier: books.... and then knick-knack that relate to books. Another favorite bookshop is Atheneum Academic Books - opened in 1874 but sadly closing down in the middle of next month - hoping that the Friends of Atheneum can save the spirit of this old and wonderful book store.

Jen Campbell books are full of anecdotes about the love of book and book shops - they will make you smile and laugh, and I do hope that the following will be the future truth:

I can see e-books replacing the paperback copies one might give away after a single read, but I still think that people like to own books - physical books and beautiful objects - and, because of that, good bookshops will stay.
James Daunt

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