Monday, September 28, 2015

Heart Problems

Well luckily, I do not suffer from that - but I have a friend who does.

The Danish Heart Association has put these 4 colors of bracelets for sale to raise money for the cause. When receiving the birthday wishlist from a young lady turning 13 years old I spotted that one of her wishes were these 4 bracelets - she has just participated in a first aid course and has decided that she should support causes that affects friends of her family.

She has also been curious about MS and is not afraid to ask me questions - she is very aware that handicaps or conditions are often invisible to others, as she for a very long time refused to believe that I even had a chronic disease. She has also announced that when she gets older she would like to do volunteer work for Red Cross.

So heart problems has become "heart warmth" - a young girl that wants to make a difference.

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