Sunday, October 25, 2015

Always Looking Up

Michael J Fox - What can I Say: loved the Back to the Future movies when I was a teenager - actually still love them - but also the Family Ties and Spin City TV series and movies that he has been a part of.

It took me two years to read his book "Always Looking Up" - not because I found it difficult to read or boring, but it touched some topics while I have pursued new horizons with my MS. I started reading it just days after I expressed my initial interest in what became the Sailing Sclerosis Project and finished the book while I was becoming comfortable (and accepting) the two hidden handicaps, that I now suffer from caused by the MS.

"Well you think about it. I just want to tell you, you'd be doing us a big favor."
Ooh, he used the f-word. To a politician, favors are mother's milk. I thanked him for the call and told him I'd consider it and call him back soon.

Michael J Fox has Parkinson's - and he has started a foundation to spread awareness, challenges etc. about the life with Parkinson's .... you name it.... putting his face out there as FACE and advocate for research.

It has not been an easy task because there are some that does not believe that he is honest about his Parkinson's and others have had harsh arguments about celebrities being spokes persons for diseases at hearings etc. But I believe that people known from the media should be spoke persons if they chose to do so as they will reach a bigger audience thus helping people with less strength/means creating awareness.

To people like Michael J Fox being spokes person for diseasses etc. THANK YOU

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