Monday, October 19, 2015

Maggie Sefton

When Maggie Sefton's 13th Knitting Mystery book was published, Purl Up and Die, I realized that I was missing one book in the series, Dyer Consequenses, so I ordered both.

Maggie Sefton is a bit different than the other knit-lit mystery writers - Kelly Flynn does not own a cat, but the rottweiler, Carl. Even though  rottweilers can be one scary dog race, Carl's behavior is softened by his ever unsuccessful chase of the garden squirrels (Brazen Squirrel, Saucy, Squirrel.... Kelly has given them nick names. Maybe they are extra funny to me as I can not stop comparing them a bit with the squirrels Bip and Bop in Patrick McDonnell's cartoon strip MUTTS.


Kelly wants to find out why she has been target with vandalism: slashed tires, broken windshields etc. when a young woman is found dead in a dye tub at the House of Lambspun. She and her friends start sleuting again to solve the murder and perhaps also other incidents of vandalism.

All this takes her mind and time away from renovating/renewing the alpaca ranch that she has recently acquired - she is eager to begin this project with Steve but they need to find out who the murderer is before they end up finding another body.


Barb is teaching classes at the House of Lambspun, and suddenly her son, Tommy, is accused of assault when doing his doctor residency in Fort Connor. The situation gets worse as he suddenly becomes the number one suspects, when the young lady accusing him of assault is murdered.

Kelly and her friends supports Barb the best way they can and, Kelly once again starts sleuthing to find out, if the accusations were justified and if Tommy really is a killer.


Will not give too much details here as that might be spoilers - but as always I enjoy the description of snowy weather/conditions, the atmosphere at the House of Lambspun, the circle of friends, the squirrel chasing Carl. Maggie Sefton makes you fell right at home in Fort Connor in a cozy way while you snuggle up in a warm blanket, with a cup of tea and the book(s) in your hand..

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