Sunday, February 7, 2010

Inspiration..... Where Art Thou?

  • Where do one find inspiration?
  • Can we learn how-to transform inspiration into something we our hands?
  • Is it a natural ability?
  • Does our genes determine if we can perceive inspiration?
  • Can you force/provoke inspiration?

To me inspiration is to be found a lot of places. Sometimes the inspiration is just stored in my head, as I don't know who to express it - at other times it just flows, and often when you have the least spare time to do it.

Yesterday I received a magazine in my mail (subscription) that pitched two new ideas into my head - the ideas buzzed in my head, and suddenly I realised that I could transform the ideas into 6 cards, using materials that I already had in stock - and in a combination, that I had never dreamed of. Movies, books, television etc. all sources of ideas to me - hence the ever present moleskin notebook in my bag with lots of doodle bugs representing an idea.

But inspiration does not necessarily has to be creative inspiration - it can also be something simple as finding a new recipe, that can be transformed into your special recipe, since you have to be cautious about certain types of food - or even figuring out which type of clothing that you want, it might take a while to find it, but as soon as you pass it in a store window, you stop because there it is (ok - for me shopping can actually be a problem, because I am soo easily boored in clothing stores - if I linger too much at a pair of jeans, blouse etc. I shouldn't buy it, because that item will soon be forgotten in the back of my closet - whereas if I spot something I like and it fits: I should buy it as I will wear it as often as I get the chance).

What is creativity to you? And where do you find it? Or does it find you?

Todays picture was captured on a walk on the beach in Florida - somebody had drawn this cartoon-like figure in the sand.: Is it a favorite cartoon character? A self-portrait? Or just the inspiration drawn on the canvas at hand?

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Peace Be With You said...

As a writer of fiction and poems, I am familiar with the gift and sometimes the challenge of inspiration. It comes unbidden and sometimes disappears the same way. At its best, it is a peek into the mystery that is life. I am happiest when I am in the flow of inspiration which can come from a waking thought, a note of music, a scent, a touch; in short, from anywhere.