Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alphabet Wednesday: I is for...

I is for.....

Homemade icecream... Ben & Jerry's Cookied Dough Ice Cream... sorbets..... yumyum :o)
Look under inspiration
Getting people to do things in a completely new way using "old ressources" or creative thinking
In my world you can find it anywhere....but you sometimes need to know where to look... or be able to generate an idea using the inspiration = that's the tricky part
Me in my cartoon world - ever laughed at a situation, as you can compare it to a cartoon with crazy gadgets etc.? :o) - The innerchild I guess that wont't dissapear.... or maybe because I don't allow my innerchild to dissapear
When I am sitting on my favourite bench at summertime in a nearby park just absorbed by a good book - I get the feeling of being invisible, since I have escaped toa "parallel world"

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