Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wednesday, May 26th is World MS Day

Tomorrow is World MS Day..... which is close to my heart since I am diagnosed with MS.

Within the next week, I am going to participate in a walk that support MS research... and yes I am capable of walking despite the diagnosis.... and yes I do feel lucky that I am actually able to do so...

Until they find a cure it is of vital importance that money is raised to help fund the research - without the reasearch, I wouldn't be able to walk, since the medicine I get has helped me being capable of walking, having a full time job, travel and so many other things that I appreciate every single day.... and I breaks my heart when I see other with MS less fortunate than me depandent on canes, rollators, wheelchairs etc. Until they find the cure new medicine may help others to become fortunate like me - not dependant on walking aids etc. and maybe even helping people to regain some of the lost abilities.

I feel it is my obligation to "pay it forward" - to help raise money for the research for the MS cure - but it's a obligation that I am happy to honour. People also need to realise that it can make a difference to support this research - believe I am a proof thereof. A lot of people show disbelief in their reaction, when they realise that I have the diagnosis, and I am living a somewhat normal life (in their eyes ofte perfectly normal - only I know the truth about it being very hard and trying at times).

To those of you suffering from MS: Tomorrow is your day.

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