Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is Everybody Wearing an Invisible Mask?

OK - I'll admit it - this mask is kinda eerie....but then I is fascinating

I can't help wondering, if we all are not wearing an invisible mask - invisible to the naked eye, but knowing a person really well, you might be able to spot the mask. We all hide something that we wish to keep for ourselves (secrets).... good things, bad things, confusing things etc.

Myself? Yep definitately wearing one these days - I only allow my colleagues to know certain things about me.... A crush on somebody at work is none of their business (including him actually because the feelings are not mutual... I think).... I thought I could tackle a situation with a friend, but it turned out that my feelings were not cooperative at all..... So if they spot the one not able to have eye contact with me any longer but instead keep looking 15cm below my head (the breast issue) then they might discover what is behind the mask.... I just hope I haven't lost a good friend

Someday something/somebody else will be on my mind, and the mask I am currently wearing will be replaced by a new one.... one always have secrets I guess.

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