Sunday, May 2, 2010

Reverse...Is That How to Solve a Problem....??

When I took the classes in order to get my diploma in innovation, one of the classes was Creative Problemsolving: how to use simple ideas to solve problems and easy ways to get people to open their mind and think in alternative solutions. Remember how people laughed when they realise how simple it can be to generate new solutions - at least on paper, but giving them fuel to continue to solve something.

Reverse Brainstorming is one of the ways to generate possible solutions to a problem - and it has roots in the usual brainstorming:
  • Identify the problem, that needs to be solved - and the desired outcome: could be to attract more customers
  • Reverse that problem: How to NOT attract more customers
  • What can we do to not attract more customers: treat the customer badly
  • Reverse those ideas: treat the customer with good service
While reversing the ideas to positive ones, new ideas are actually generated and can be added to potential ideas....the hardest is how to pick the solutions, that you wish to pursue.

I saw an episode of "FlashForward" the other day, when one of the characters mentioned, that by living in the now- you are able to grab good things, when they pass you. In a lot of ways, that is true - but you need to realise, that sometimes things are not what they appeared to be - but that is just the nature of life: You can predict it.

And if you are wondering, what the Buddha photo have to do with today's blogpost, then the explanation is very simple. If I didn't seize the day and the possibilities, I wouldn't have been able to take this photo in Asia 1½ week ago - The decision about my trip to Asia was not taken until 18 hours before I left my house to go on that trip :o)

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