Monday, May 10, 2010

Can You Keep a Secret?

Think I need to buy that book - I think it actually might relate to the situation I am in right now......

I really want to confide in my best friend about something that has just happened - both I am both afraid to do it.... this thing has not yet sunk in completely.

I have actually fallen for a guy - that is kinda forbidden fruit.... and he's not engaged, married, a friends ex-boyfriend etc.... He is free as a bird...but can really reveal much about why he is forbidden fruit..... he has always been a good friend and is in my opinion good looking.

I've actually known him for years, but a party he confided in me: he really likes me, but can not show how much in public.... It's just like the proverb: "Believe in the words of children and drunk people, who are not afraid of the consequences of telling the truth" - he really turned my world upside down telling me this, he repeated this several times during the party

I am SOOO utterly confused and do not know what to do.... HEEEELP!!

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Melanie's Randomness said...

I too believe that saying. If he was drunk that he means he really meant what he said, especially if he's known you for years. But he can't show it publicly??? That's odd. I'd tell a friend you absolutely knot you can trust to give you some advice that will think of you when she's telling you it. That book is kinda funny too, I read part of it. GOod luck with this guy. I'd say try to see if he remembers that he said it. Best wishes dear!