Friday, February 24, 2012

Marilyn Monroe

I think that most girls/ladies have been somewhat facinated abouth the stories/life of Marilyn Monroe - me included. In the late 80s I found a version of "The Unabridge Marilyn - the definitive, illustrated A-Z reference book on Marilyn Monroe" by Randall Riese & Neal Hitchens on sale (wierd - Amazon claims that the 1 edition is from 1988, but it says 1987 in my book??!!)

It has its place on the bookshelf next to the biography by Donald Spoto accompagnied by several other biographies: JFK, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Charlie Chaplin, Obama, Salvador Dali, Picasso, James Dean, Andy Warhol, Bill Gates. Odd collection, but it is fascinating to read about what made them who they are/were.

Was surprised by this movie - in a good way. We see Marilyn from both sides: hers and the people surrounding her. Without giving away too much of the plot, I would say, no wonder she was such a fragile person, when looking at the people in her life or surrounding her when working on a movie set. Some very good actors in that movie

Amazed when overhearing the conversation of other movie-goers when leaving the cinema: "Wasn't Marilyn too American?!" Ahmmmm did they not get, that she had travelled to be on an English movieset?? Oh well.


Vicky said...

Was it a interesting movie? I would love to see it but might have to wait until it comes on TV. She was beautiful.

Karen said...

Indeeed Biographies always make for an interesting read. Marilyn was a classic beauty..... and she had curves

Anne-Marie said...

She was a surprisingly good actress, too.