Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rubber Duck Cake - Trial And Error

Purchased the cake pan a few months ago, as I simply had to own it... was then put on a shelve, as Christmas cookie cake cutters were in use for season.

Chocolate duckie after it is taken out of the pan......... looks funny, but seing the colors on the photo I actually like it. It looks a bit "mysterious" to me, but cake needs to cool down before fondant is mounted, as the cake would otherwise be sweating.

Note to self: remember to buy white and black fondant to make proper eyes (cheating here, as eyes are paper). First time ever working with fondant, so surprised about the result........used two different brands of fondant, on very sticky but the other easy to work with.... think I am ready to make the cakes to be served "in public" next week :o)


Anne-Marie said...

Looks good enough to eat...quack, quack!

claire7q said...

Trust AM to get in there first with a comment! I too like it un-iced, looks almost like a marble cake.

Vicky said...

Hope it tastes as good as it looks. Has Claire arrived yet on her tasting duties? lol